Cole Robinson: Why Franchising is a Great Entrepreneurial Option - And How to Get There

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Special guest this episode: Cole Robinson. Cole rose from door to door selling books in college, to the retail floor of a major department store, then joined a small marketing company and helped them grow from $6M to $22M. She decided at least a year in advance that she needed to leave her job and start a company. She enlisted a mentor, saved money, did a ton of research and finally pulled the trigger. Cole always had the goal to own her own business before 40. Well she did that and today she's created the work-life balance and income she always wanted.

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0:20 Cole’s swimming pool background looks like a serenity screensaver

1:24 How to thrive and survive in this COVID-19 situation we are in

1:40 Cole’s walk-in song - personal “pump up” song

3:29 Start with opening slide: Is this a massive change in our lives and work?

4:33 Allen’s start-up advice: Plan for the worst, hope for the best

5:15 Cole’s been through two other massive crises before, including after 9/11 – this is something else to navigate through

6:39 She is optimistic

7:01 This crisis is different, will create changes in overall business to personal contact/touch and space – we were not prepared for this

8:18 SPONSOR: Executive Launch ( – from corporate executive to startup founder

10:05 Cole’s background

12:28 The makeup counter at Dillard’s department store

13:03 Left retail for recruiting and got let go!

15:06 Melanie, a listener, sold knives for three months

16:56 Michelle, a listener, sold copiers door-to-door (so did Sarah Blakely, founder of Spanx)

18:50 She said after selling copiers she could sell anything to anyone and learned she could find the answer to anything for her customers

20:18 Her advice is ”look outside the box” and Cole added Michelle knew how to make lemonade from lemons

25:30 Allen says we need to let ideas flow, opportunities flow, it’s tough times out there

25:49 When Cole was in sales, she wanted more and said she was lucky to work for entrepreneur business owners who had that mindset

27:22 Cole says “It was in me”

29:33 She had savings of $100,000+ before she launched her business

31:05 Purchasing a franchise appealed to her

33:28 She didn’t want to be 40 and working for someone else

34:02 She was burnt out on what she was doing

34:14 She wanted to be there for her daughter in school like her parents were for her, and to be financially secure when her daughter graduated

34:54 Cole talks about FISH commercial window cleaning and their business history

35:57 Their first franchise was in Tampa, Florida

37:09 How COVID-19 is affecting her business

39:15 Allen sees being an entrepreneur as an insurance policy, an opportunity to control your own destiny and not be so vulnerable in your job – the current situation is a “wake-up call”

39:44 Cole had to lay off some of her staff and knew she could go clean windows herself 4

0:22 Her business enables her to always take care of her family and have freedom with entrepreneurship

41:00 Cole answers question from listeners regarding franchising

43:36 Allen advises that nothing will come as easy as you imagine it