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When you want to do something big and difficult, you need information, wisdom, and a plan. This applies to all cases, whether you're talking about a mountain climb, a skydive, writing a book, getting into college, asking for a raise, buying a house, or going on a diet.  To do any of these successfully, you need all three - information, wisdom, and a plan.

You need other things too, but those things you must supply - such as time, energy, money, creativity, positive thinking, critical thinking, research, decision-making, and stick-to-it-ness.  It's hard to do anything big and difficult without all of these elements in play - things that you supply combined with things you gather elsewhere

So that's what the book and this website is dedicated to - helping aspiring entrepreneurs gain the information, the wisdom, and the plan needed to create or launch something great (for the world or just for themselves) and escape from a job or path that is not serving their purpose, talents or larger goals in life.

There are several programs here to help you get started and take action.  

Startup assessment
startup blueprint
six month program
peer groups

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