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Christina Dills: The Essential Power of Mindset and Positive Energy for Startup Founders

In these challenging times, we need to hear from entrepreneurs like Christina Dills. After rapidly rising the ranks at Microsoft from intern to Channel Development Manager for all Latin America. Christina was a rising corporate star - but something was missing. She felt unfulfilled and that there had to be more to life, contribution, and work. So she began her research, made a plan, and Quit to Start. Hear how she did it and how she now prioritizes the mind and spirit in her daily routine as a startup founder with intention, gratitude, and exercise - resisting negative thoughts and negative energy. A daily work and life strategy to strongly consider in these times - and all times.

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Opening: “Life is Beautiful” written on the office wall behind Christina. She explains her belief that words have energy.

1:47 Discussion on gratitude and how it is the best cure for negative thoughts. Christina explains how energy frequency ties into living at your best.

3:45 Setting your intentions and how to manifest them. The best way to to predict your future is to create it through your thoughts and your intentions every single day.

7:20 Christina gives her recommendations to early entrepreneurs: always set up your day with intention, gratitude, and exercise.

9:00 Allen saw Christina recently pitch her startup. He asks her about the experience and she talks about why pitching is part of the journey and it's good for you.

14:55 Cristina explains how she became less and less fulfilled at her job and why she had to plan her escape.

18:00 Despite the amazing lifestyle and personal finances of her corporate job, she felt that she was missing something bigger in life.

21:28 Christina discusses how she self-funded her startup and then discussion on the downsides of taking investment.

26:40 Believe in yourself, who knows your business better than you? Whose two cents matter to you as a founder? The mentality of others cannot affect your vision.

31:40 Allen explains one concept in his book “you are a threat” and Christina talks about the lesson she learned from telling others about her potential start. Who can you trust? Who can you talk to?

36:50 Keep it quiet until you get momentum.

37:50 Finding the people that compliment you and you can trust.

40:20 Allen talks about confidence and the mindset behind its perception both inside and out.

42:08 Growth in business is the same as growth through exercise. Sometimes it’s painful, but you have to push through in order to grow.

43:30 Christina walks through her childhood and high school years, and the most valuable lesson she ever learned, her grandmother taught her - “education is your ticket”.

49:00 Christina explains that she has always had the entrepreneurial spirit and was always experimenting with startups on the side.

52:00 Your entrepreneurial journey is whatever you want it to be. You don't just magically become an entrepreneur, you grow into it.

54:00 Rising the ranks at Microsoft - she explains her unrelenting drive to learn.

57:00 Christina talks about the stress of life and how to heal yourself in a stressful environment.

1:02:00 Allen and Christina discuss the risks of entrepreneurship and how we weigh it against risk of not making the change or not taking action.

1:05:15 Allen talks about the hidden aloneness and anxiety of entrepreneurship - Christina talks about how she persevered through it.

1:06:40 Taking the leap. Christina talks about the moment she knew she was going to leave and start her company.

1:13:40 Discussion on facing your fears and gaining the escape velocity needed to become an entrepreneur.

1:15:16 Christina discusses detaching the tentacles of the workplace and the removal of comfort to embrace your future.

1:18:00 Christina talks about getting into the abundance mindset. The belief that good things are going to happen and avoiding the negativity of the scarcity mindset.

1:22:10 Think about getting somewhere and do it on purpose. Christina explains that “you can choose your thoughts like you can choose your clothes”.

1:23:20 Christina explains the value of starting broad and intentional in your thoughts and then moving to specificity.

1:25:00 Final thoughts - be open to the flow of the universe and believe in yourself and don’t let others deter you.

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