breakthrough peer groups

Join a small group of your peers, building a similar category of business. Whether it is a software product, a physical product, a location based business, or a services company - be in a confidential, moderated room and learn from fellow founders at various stages of growth. Share and build very close relationships that will help you immensely on your journey. Starting and growing an early stage company can be insanely difficult and taxing on the mind, body, and soul. Let's connect and help each other. In the groups, share and discuss whatever is needed to help someone solve a problem, unlock an opportunity, and inspire one another.

Allen Clary personally hosts and moderates the groups. Allen teaches entrepreneurship at the University of South Florida, leads a group within the most elite peer group organization in the world - TIGER 21, and he's recently written his first book: Quit to Start - How to Discover Your Best Idea, Gain the Confidence, and Plan Your Escape. Allen is PASSIONATE about helping others climb the entrepreneurial ladder to reach their fullest potential, put their mark on the world, create wealth for themselves and others - and along the way, live the most interesting life possible.

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  • Meetings are Monthly 2-3 Hours

  • Cost is $99 per month

  • Group Sizes Limited to 18

  • Groups are Virtual via Zoom

  • Aspiring, Early, or Later Stage Founders

  • Group Members Selected for Fit

  • Everyone Signs Confidentiality Agreement

  • Ongoing Private Group Chat (similar to Slack)

  • Grouped by Stage & Type of Startup or Business

  • Moderated to Promote Balance & Breakthroughs

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Segmented, confidential, and moderated peer group meets monthly and provides ongoing chat support among the members. Cost is $99 per month. No payment due at this time.

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A bit more on our peer groups...

The first precept to a great and valuable peer group is the quality, fit, and openness of each member. We personally and carefully evaluate and select members of each group. We look at the type of business they are building, where they are on their journey, and their willingness to commit, share, and be helpful to others.

Next, everyone must sign and adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement so that what is said in the room, stays in the room. Entrepreneurship is highly competitive and it can be a small world of relationships out there. So to have the breakthrough, no hold-back open and honest conversations we want and need, everyone must feel 100% comfortable that what is shared and discussed stays within the group.

And finally, we run a very organized and disciplined meeting by way of topics, time, and distribution of dialogue. It is imperative that we hear from everyone. Conversations and dialogue must be constructive, productive, and balanced to maximize the learning and breakthrough opportunities.