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It Begins When You Decide To...

plan your start


We're obsessed with entrepreneurs. ​We love their stories. We love their passion and determination. Over the last 10 years, We've worked directly with more than 100 successful entrepreneurs. And we're entrepreneurs ourselves.   

Our lead enthusiast is Allen Clary and with his experience, our mission is to help as many aspiring and early entrepreneurs as we can, with the overarching goal of creating 'ten thousand starters'. But...starting with the right plan at the right time. Because nothing great can be started until you start.


committed to starters

Our goal is to create 10,000 starters. Maybe you can be one of them.  


Starters come in all types. High tech, low tech. College degree, no college degree. Product businesses, services businesses. Money saved, no money saved. Experienced, not experienced. Young, not young. Freedom seeking, fortune seeking, or passion seeking.


But let's start smart. Let's do the necessary and important homework and legwork. Let's talk to the right people. Let's ingest the right information. Let's set the right goals. Let's build a smart plan. Let's test. Let's be methodical and patient.  


Then let's hit the ground running...

Here's a 2020 interview Allen did talking about entrepreneurship and his newly released book Quit to Start - How To Discover Your Best Idea, Gain The Confidence, And Plan Your Escape.

Here's a recent interview of Allen on The Law of Relevancy Podcast where he talks about how most entrepreneurs didn't plan to be entrepreneurs (forces pushed them to it), entrepreneurship boils down to risk-taking (not confidence), the 'entrepreneurial ceiling' working for others, about the TIGER 21 organizatoin, and Allen's favorite productivity and note-taking app - Twos ✌️.

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