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You're in the right place for entrepreneurship. Welcome to the monthly Plan Your Start virtual 'Starter Forums' where aspiring and early entrepreneurs meet to gain new knowledge and inspiration in their area of interest. 


We have a different experienced entrepreneur or subject matter expert guest at each session (ask them anything) and everyone gets a quick consultation and feedback on any aspect of their business or startup they wish to share.

These virtual meetups are FREE but with limited attendance per session. Just sign up for the area that fits you best - you'll have the opportunity to add a second area of interest at a later time once you sign up for the first. Sessions are scheduled for one hour and offered at various times between weekdays, weekends, early morning, lunchtime, and early evenings. 

This is your chance to learn and engage with some real tested entrepreneurs and real experts that have already been down the road you're traveling now or considering to travel soon. Sign up now to reserve your spot in the next meeting!

If you have any questions, just fill out the simple form at the bottom of this page and we'll be quick to respond.




Are you currently delivering or is your plan to deliver your service primarily as an individual? You may have support but it's you personally out front.

Physical Product(s)


Have you already created, currently developing, or are you planning to develop a physical product? Perhaps with other non-physical elements?

Software Product(s)


Have you already created, currently developing, or planning a software, mobile, or website product? Perhaps with other non-software elements?




Are you currently delivering or is your plan to deliver a service that either requires a team or you are choosing to utilize a customer facing team?

Storefront or 

Physical Location


Do you already or do you plan to own and operate a physical retail or restaurant business? Perhaps with a significant tech/delivery component?


or Virtual Product(s)


Do you deliver or plan to deliver products or services exclusively or primarily online? Or maybe your product is digital, video, or similar?


For general questions or information, please email or fill out the form here.

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